New Flier What S Everyone S Opinion Now

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If there is one over arching theme, it’s “blue.” The livery is now dominated by Rhapsody Blue, United Blue, and Sky Blue. The belly is painted Runway Gray, but that’s really a . A frequent flier was found dead in her seat just hours into a hour trip home to Australia after a Las Vegas vacation, reports said. Cabin crew on the Qantas flight from California to Melbourne . The best ways to use your frequent flier miles. Frequent travelers come in many forms. The frugal guy who’s always looking for a couch to crash on.. JetBlue has been hemming and hawing about going to Europe for a long time now, but it was only this month that it was made officialish. JetBlue will go to Europe in a couple of years, even though details are scarce on what exactly that will entail.I’ve seen many people trash this decision, suggesting that no low cost carrier can make Transatlantic flying work, but this is different..